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Winning Business Without Selling

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“Winning Business Without Selling”

Wednesday 16th November
8.00am – 9.30am
The Clubhouse,8 St. James’s Square


Workshop 1: How to respond to “So what do you do?” to make it the start of a meaningful conversation rather than just an elevator pitch or mundane monologue.

Please join us for this insightful breakfast seminar with Carole Gillespie, Founder and CEO of People Buy from People.

In this workshop we will:
• Understand how to prompt curiosity about yourself and your business
• See how to do this in a way that starts a helpful conversation, not a monologue
• Enable both parties to decide quickly if a further conversation makes sense

You’ll practise your new skills with the other attendees, and who knows, you may even find a new client as you do so!

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