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Open up the meeting

clubhouse-shoot-c-mattchungphoto-lo-res-58Technology is changing the way in which we meet and interact as evidenced by the brand new MultiTaction iWall interactive video wall in The Clubhouse 8 St James’ Square.

Technology has blurred the lines between corporate and social IT. We now expect the same technology to move seamlessly between work and play, and at The Clubhouse we are evolving to meet this need.

One result of this change is a world where collaboration is becoming less planned and more instant. We now work anytime, anywhere and anyhow, and this includes the way in which we interact with technology. We have gone from working alone using a mouse to working in hands-on groups, using touch and gesture.

All of this is having a profound effect on the way in which we meet and make decisions in the workplace. Often our meetings take place in a room or online; there are documents to review before the meeting, an agenda to guide discussions and probably a PowerPoint presentation. This type of meeting is more about rubber stamping than enabling brain storming and collaboration, and in effect this is a monologue, with information only ever moving in a single, prescribed, direction.

Now let’s look at a new type of meeting space that is less about command and control, and more about collaborate and create. This type of meeting uses large-scale touch displays to enable seamless interaction between the physical and digital worlds; something that offers all the functionality you expect from your iPad but on a scale where groups, as opposed to just individuals, can interact with it. Instead of meetings that work as staid monologues, we have access to live data and real situational awareness enabling open, collaborative and productive dialogue.

The influential Gensler Design Forecast Report highlights two key trends in office evolution:  the first is that people need to collaborate and are hungry for places suited to conversations among a few people; the second that smart environments will take hold, allowing companies to attract and retain the best talent. This is one of the reasons why The Clubhouse chose the MultiTaction® iWall solution for The Greenhouse. This state-of-the-art innovation hub enables new ways of working and is a place to brainstorm ideas, collaborate, present, share and develop your plans, be it collaborating on a new project or transforming the traditional sales pitch into a more engaging and powerful dialogue.

Users can pull in data from multiple sources to one giant display and present the information side by side in a series of live ‘windows’ that are all fully interactive. In this environment there is no digital divide: users can interact with the screen using a range of media including their fingers, infrared pens and other everyday objects. Bring your own device and share content onto the interactive walls, and with seamless integration across laptops, smart devices and interactive displays, users can easily save and access content at any time.

The MultiTaction® iWall is the same technology IBM has installed for the Toronto Raptors NBA basketball team. And where high performance sport goes, the forward-thinking business is sure to follow! See how others use the iWall here.

If you would like to find out more about The Greenhouse at The Clubhouse and how it can be used to transform your business, we would be more than happy to organise a training session for your team. Email [email protected] for more information.