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Leadership Masterclass: Developing the mind of a leader

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“Leadership Masterclass: Developing the mind of a leader” 

THIS EVENT HAS NOW PASSED: Wednesday 21 March 
8:30am – 12:30am
The Clubhouse, Bank

£95+VAT For Members
£145+VAT Non-Members
20% Discount for joint bookings
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same organization

Are you looking to gain the self awareness, clarity, focus and resilience needed to be a more effective leader? Being a leader in today’s fast-paced, ever changing, ‘always on’ corporate world means the ability to maintain awareness of self and others is constantly under siege. ‘The Mind of The Leader’ reveals ground-breaking research on the powerful mind-training practices and leadership strategies that you can develop to sustain high levels of awareness, clarity, focus and calm in this environment. Major organisations like Google, Ogilvy, LEGO, Danone and Accenture are increasingly leveraging powerful leadership and resilience programmes created by Potential Project to help their leaders not just survive, but truly thrive in today’s business environments.

Discover how to become a better leader in this highly practical, half day leadership masterclass by learning strategies and techniques to:

  • Lead yourself by taking charge of your attention, maintaining 
    focus and delivering results
  • Move from mindless busyness to mindful business by overcoming
    action addiction
  • Leverage neuroplasticity through understanding how the brain 
    can be shaped and changed
  • Develop the ability to remain in the eye of the storm, switching off the
    cognitive clutter, focusing on the essentials only
  • Enhance your performance and well-being through mindfulness
  • Preserving and generating mental energy through enhanced
    awareness of self-care, sleep, nutrition.
  • Change behaviours and develop others based on an understanding of the
    neurological realities of feedback
  • Communicate and delegate so people will engage and act

Louise Chester, managing director of Potential Project UK, and Daniel Stane, renowned mindful leadership expert and consultant to many FTSE250 organisations, are delivering this dedicated leadership workshop and will draw on their senior careers in both financial markets and industry.

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