Cyber Security Myths and Monsters: What is the Reality?

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Cyber Security Myths and Monsters: What is the Reality for Your Business?

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Wednesday 19th October
8.00am – 10.00am
The Clubhouse, 8 St. James’s Square

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Breakfast with Building Zones and independent cyber security expert Dr Jessica Barker

Cyber insecurity often feels like a horror story and the idea of cyber security an out-of-reach myth. The last few years have seen breaches that are bigger and of a higher profile than ever before. When we trace these back to their cause, we often find that attackers took advantage of human behaviour, via social engineering, poor password management, gaps in physical security or malicious insiders.

Combining sociological and psychological research with mythology and classic horror fiction, this briefing highlights the most current cybersecurity threats, and how we can better-protect against them, to make cyber security less of a monster.

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