Achieving and sustaining peak performance in business and beyond

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Achieving and sustaining peak performance in business and beyond

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“Achieving and sustaining peak performance in business and beyond”

Tuesday 24th January
8.00am – 10.30am
The Clubhouse, 8 St. James’s Square

Members £45* Non-Members £65*

*Exclusive of VAT

In this age of unprecedented speed, information overload, complexity, change and distractions, what qualities do we need to succeed?

This workshop will introduce you to the tools of enhanced focus, clarity of mind and resilience, so that you can maintain high performance, whatever the challenges.

This evidence-based training is deployed by over 350 global organisations, from Accenture to Genentech, Google to Microsoft, and will be delivered by Louise Chester, Managing Director of Potential Project UK, and Erick Rinner, Partner at Potential Project International, TEDx speaker and Founder of Milestone Capital. Louise & Erick will draw both on their senior careers in financial markets, as well as their deep experience of designing and facilitating interventions for a wide variety of organisations, to deliver a practical workshop to The Clubhouse members and guests.

What the event entails:

  • Take a deep dive into the practical techniques that enable us to unlock our full potential and sustain peak performance
  • Investigate multitasking, uncovering the secret of the matrix of mental effectiveness and how we can develop insight
  • Examine the neurological basis of performance breaks, the advantages of power pauses and learn how to reset body and mind
  • Bring beginner’s mind to some business basics such as meetings – sharing techniques proven to turn us all into meeting ninjas
  • Explore presence, what it means for us and how to build and maintain a powerful presence in all areas of our life

About Potential Project

Potential Project is the leading global provider of organizational effectiveness programs based on mindfulness. Our mission is to help your organization achieve strategic objectives by enhancing performance, creativity and resilience.


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