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Executive Business Briefings 2019

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03 July – Strategic Acquisitions

8:00AM – 10:30AM


Selling A Business Can Be Complex, With A Great Many Factors To Consider. Each Factor Can Mean The Difference Between Success Or Costly Failure.

These comprehensive and succinct breakfast seminars are ideal for any business owner considering a sale now or in the near future. Presented by leading business sale experts each seminar covers:

3 July at The Clubhouse, St James’s – Strategic Acquisitions

How to drive your strategic acquisition effectively. Targeting the right sellers and securing the correct deal ahead of the competition.

12 Sept – Buying or selling a business? (Including a special section on tax implications)

What are you buying or selling? How to prepare to minimise your tax liabilities.

9 October – How to Buy or Sell a Business – Full Day Conference

Our flagship event: Sale Preparation – Acquisition Integration – Valuations – Tax aspects -– Targeting – Funding – Legal.

21 November – Deal structures, mergers and legal aspects

The legal aspects of a business sale or acquisition can be complex.  Some insights into the process.

All breakfast events run between 8am and 10.30am. Our main conference runs from 9am to 4pm.



This event is hosted by Avondale, Proven, Professional and Successful Sales Specialists To Help You Sell Your Business. To sign up for this event and learn more about  Avondale and what they can offer you, please click here Avondale Events

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